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Paipa Tours offers you 24 years of experience organizing travels through Colombia and the world, to make the best of your trips the simplest way. We know you want your travels to match quality, safety and outstanding itineraries at a correct price and that's the way we have planed our trips for you. Please feel free to ask any question or request as we will be happy to make the organization of your trip as simple as it can be for you, let us handle the complex.


Colombia is Magical Realism


This is the name of the official International tourism campaign presented by the government of Colombia. e simplest way. We know you want your travels to match quality, safety and outstandin

"It was conceived to pique foreign tourist's interest in having "different", "magic", "unique" and "surprising" experiences. This slogan is built on the one answer strategy, and “the answer is Colombia”.

This expression summarizes the essence of experience had by foreigners who have visited Colombia. It also consolidates previous campaigns which have changed people's perceptions and shown the charms of Colombian tourist destinations, as well as progress in terms of security and stability - "The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay".

The campaign will show that Colombia is nature (agritourism, birdwatching and whale watching); adventure (scuba diving and extreme sports); sun and sand; boating experiences (sea and river cruises); culture (religious events, fairs, carnivals, archaeological sites); and it is also a destination for business (conventions, congresses, events).

THR, one of the most recognized tourism consultants in the world, carried out a study of what Colombia has to offer based on visitors' experience. Colombia has an "unforgettable" rating for the incredible diversity of its geography and culture."*


Consult our tours and consult us if you have any query or want to make a reservation. We suggest at least 15 days for your vacations in Colombia.


* "Colombia, Magical Realism, Proexport Colombia, official website here



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